2725 Gee.

The situation in the Sky Cathedral gets tense during the Kisor war. A trapped civilian population must defend against autonomous nanocomplexes from Kisor. The humans cannot leave the Sky Cathedral, because Kisor's space force has quarantined the section of the asteroid belt where the Sky Cathedral orbits. The war treaty prohibits ground forces from deploying heavy weapons, but a loophole in the contract allows for autonomous nanocomplexes with self-awareness and built in actuators. So, a desperate human population ends up defending itself with primitive makeshift weapons against intelligent machines who can employ their transforming parts to great harm against soft targets.

During a fight in the Sky Cathedral a Hunter type nano complex of the 2nd division is severely damaged. The humans capture the nano complex (type designation: Kao Tran Lop, serial number: G765998TN, coalition code: KNH1, aka. Hunter) to exploit its information elements. They want to get access to the attacker's network backbone via hardware and software of the damaged nano, using its interfaces and built-in encryption algorithms. An unconscious nano of the Hunter type would be perfect for the purpose.

The humans do not know that this failure is only a pretense to infiltrate the resistance and to provide them with false information. The humans get only access to a simulation of the network that has been specially prepared for the ruse. While IT operators connect G765998TN and try to penetrate the command network of the 2nd division, the nano observes the people in the human camp. As an independently thinking individual, G765998TN eventually decides to defect and help the humans. He reveals the deception attempt before human fighters run into a trap through false information.

Using his help is very controversial in the camp. Many are afraid that the desertion might also be part of a secret scheme. But with Gee's active support it is possible to penetrate the real command network of the enemy. He helps to interpret the data and he is even able to manipulate status updates of enemy scouts in order to protect his new friends.

Gee disguises himself as a human. He takes on a human form and dresses accordingly. When the camp is attacked, Gee helps to defend it. He disables several attackers permanently. But he is badly damaged in the process. A Hunter has only limited self-repair capabilities. He cannot recover on his own and the humans lack sophisticated autofabs and fitting blueprints.

Also, his energy supply is exhausted after the fight. It cannot be charged at the power source in the camp because his interfaces have been destroyed. Gee asks to be taken to a service station. The group leadership refuses. They are afraid, that his decision to defect might be overwritten by a general overhaul. With all his information about the human resistance, they see it as security risk.

In defiance of the leaderships order, IT-Op David Garcia takes the nano to a remote service station to "heal" it. Surprisingly, Gee returns to the human camp a week later. He has learned about a plans for an imminent attack. Again, the question arises as to whether the information can be trusted. Garcia can use Gee's service log to prove that Gee stopped his repair prematurely to warn his human friends. By leaving early, Gee also avoids a reprogramming. Just in time, the group's leadership follows Gee's plan. The humans can fight back the attack.

Gee stays with his humans. He takes part in many successful operations. Over time, he saves countless human lives. But in case of failure his loyalty is questioned again and again. One day Gee misinterprets the status updates of a nano scout. He misses a patrol. This puts a task force of human fighters in danger of being discovered. Gee tries to make up for his mistake by distracting the patrol. The two nanos, a Predator (type: Nend Plok Evac, coalition code: KNP77 or Predator-77) and a Hunter, like himself, think that Gee is a human. They chase and pose him. Then they discover his true nature. The Hunter of the patrol refuses to fight against Gee, but he also doesn't want to fight the Predator either. The Predator interprets this as treason and turns against his Hunter. Gee tries to help the other Hunter. Hunters are primarily reconnaissance and support units. While Predators are optimized for combat. Maybe the two Hunters would have been able to overwhelm a Predator. But Gee still suffers from an incomplete repair and the other Hunter is too indecisive. The Predator can eventually destroy both. In the meantime, the group of human fighters has reached a safe zone.

Today, a statue of Gee in human form is reminiscent of the nano that humans owe so much to. The statue is located near the central war memorial south of the Blackstar Hall. In its base lie two kilograms of deactivated nanites from Gee, which his friend David Garcia was later able to recover. Unfortunately, there are not enough information elements preserved for a behavioral simulation - let alone a reboot.