The History of the Future

From Early Settlements in the Solar System to an Interstellar Civilization

A History Book

The history of the future told in many events, discoveries, and inventions in technology, economy, and society.

Hard SciFi

Based on science. Futuorology, real physics, possible technology.

Interplanetary and Interstellar

Humanity expands into the Solar System. The interplanetary civilization develops with inventions and discoveries, politics and intrigues. Interplanetary powers come and go.

Then the stars. Initially, FTL drives ships are slower than the speed of light and bold missions explore the unknown fringes.

Later, humanity is drawn into the dramatic development of its interstellar neighborhood and must learn the hard way, that stability is not a given.

Launch Pad

Start with: 2091 Tree of Life

Or here: Die entire timeline chronologically.

The Great Expansion

There are still lots of small an short entries. The are great ideas and great milestones. They deserve more detail and love. First results of the expansion campaign:

2136 1000 in Space
2154 New Living Space
2155 Asteroid Mining
2158 Space Patrol
2179 Private Asteroid Base
2182 End of Venus Terraforming
2187 Moon Deportations
2192 Anti-Expansionist Terror
2197 Lunar Revolt
2205 Corporate Cosmos
2222 Space Piracy

Software Project

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  • dotnet, docker, github actions, nginx
  • The C# IDE is my CMS
  • GitHub Actions is my deployment
  • A git-push to main and it's online
  • Content in YAML files
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The first supernova withing reach. Countless visitors come to be there, when the big star explodes.

100 Things

The things we deal with on a daily basis shape our everyday life. They are often characteristic of their time. They show how people live and what's important to them. In fact, they are much closer to us than news reports, history book entries, and grand politics. That's why I want to show 100 objects from the next 1000 years, even if they are not always everyday items. Highlights:

2051 Neuro Implant
2071 Delivery Bot
2081 Coding-Kit
2091 Tree of Life
3296 Dragon Legends

Printed Book

Galactic Developments as Buch and eBook (in German).

First Humanity

The shared history of humans and Kisori is much older than thought. 14,000 years ago, humanity betrayed the Golden Empire. And was terribly punished for it.


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